Revera is a small studio based in Manhattan. We help you to get your story out there and be remembered. View our recent work and feel free to get in touch.


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mage is everything. A good product needs the right branding. We make sure your future clients will recognize your work from miles away.

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We can do very cool stuff with paper & scissors. This is a placeholder text for this service. It’s just to give you an idea of how the stuff will look like.

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Some people use well thought strategies. We just drop bombs. Just kidding. Our strategy works and your amount of sales will explode someday.

More Explosive Stuff


If you need some cool illustrations for your upcoming book or you want to fancy up your new webdesign, our illustrators can do it all.

Let's Draw Something


If stock images don’t seem to do the job, why not use authentic ones? We’ll make sure every pixel will look crisp and at its best.

Let's Shoot Some Pictures


Wanna be famous on the tube? Or need a cool introduction for your website? Our own Spielbergs are ready for some cinema quality stuff.

3. 2. 1. Action!


We love it when a plan comes together

Basically this is just how we handle stuff

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    First things first: Let’s connect! We’d like to hear your story and the ideas you have for your project.

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    After we talked about your ideas, it’s time to translate the concept into a cutting edge design.

  • 3


    If we’re all in love with the design, we’re going to build everything so the stuff is actually working.

  • 4


    When everything is working like a fast (paper) plane, it’s time to launch and tell everyone about the project we made.

  • 5

    Keep it up

    After everything is up and running, we make sure it’s going to keep running nice, smooth & fast.


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We're a bunch of creative people

Sometimes weird but we're always friendly

Thanks for visiting our habitat! We’re friendly people who love to spend time creating and developing new concepts to make the world a little bit better.

If you’d like to visit us to take a look in our studio, just get in touch. We’ll make sure the coffee (or tea) is hot and the soda’s are fresh!

Jake Rogers

Jake Rogers

CEO & Founder

Jake is the guy who started Revera. He can design websites while driving his Vespa scooter and he once climbed the Mount Everest with his dog Sparky.


[email protected]

Eva Monroe

Eva Monroe


Our top notch artist is Eva. While not designing, she likes to cook and cycling around the lake. Eva also likes to watch thrillers and comedies.


[email protected]

Barry Stripe

Barry Stripe


Barry is the one who turns static pixels into life with his coding skills. He loves to play pool and driving his ’68 Buick Riviera in the weekends.



Mimi Dodgers

Mimi Dodgers

Video & Photographer

Shooting video’s and photo’s is what Mimi does best. While she’s not working with camera’s and lenses, she’s probably running or playing soccer.





Security Guard

This is Sparky. Our 7 year old in-house guard. He’s the one who barks when our clients don’t want to pay. Just kidding, he’s a good dog.



  • The awesome team of Revera helped us creating an amazing website for our company. We recieve compliments all the time!

    R. Moore- CEO of Company Inc

  • If you ever need a refreshing idea, go to Revera. I don’t know how they do it, it must be the tea they’re drinking.

    M. Moneypenny - Supervisor of Company Inc

  • The good times are for those who take action. Revera is a simple and easy to use template for creative people.

    Ron Burgundy - Designer at Sooper Studio's

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